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Surfboard Rental
and Wetsuits

If you want to rent surfboards and full wetsuits to enjoy the waves of BizkaiaIf it is your first time and you are looking for help to live a unique experience, we make it very easy for you. 

We offer a wide range of surfboards for rent for 30€ per day for all experience levels. All the boards are from boards of the best shapers as Christenson, Pukas, Chanel Islands, Lost surfboards, Gerry Lopez and Mc Tavish and are in perfect condition for use.

30 per day

We have top quality equipment at the best price, to rent for as long as you need.
Wide range
All levels

Surfboards for all levels

We have surfboards for both those new to the sport and those who have been surfing for many years.

If you need advice on board types or brands, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Our boards are from top brands.

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Types of tables

Fish Tables

If you are looking for Fish boards, at Basque Planet we rent Christenson fish boards and if you prefer small wave boards we have Lost evil twin, Lost Rocket wide, Bing mini Simmons.

Performance Tables

Do you want to rent a Performance board? We offer Pukas Tasty treat, CI twin pin, Pukas sixtyniner boards for you to enjoy the waves to the fullest.

Mid Lengths Tables

We have Mid Lengths of Pukas Lady twin, Torq fish, Mc Tavish Rayo verde, CI mid, Gerry Lopez midway in perfect condition for our sport.

Wetsuit rental

Do you need to rent the wetsuit to complete your surfing equipment?

We help you with a neoprene for women and men of different sizes.

Contact us and we will inform you of availability.